Welcome Spring!

You have sure taken your sweet time arriving this year!  Record rain fall, cooler than average temperatures, creates a few issues with planting.  I feel like working with mother nature is creating the most complex mathmatical equation.  You know the type i’m talking about, the one with lots of brackets, integers and to the power of numbers.  We know the end result we want to achieve, but there are so many variables along the way.  It sometimes feels like we are faced with a great advesary, one with far more complex weapons then we have.  But it is in the face of these great challenges that we learn resilience, we adapt, we plant more then we need, we search out solutions.  And we deepen our connection to our environment.  Farming can be challenging on so many levels, and equally rewarding.  As i write this, Adam has finally been able to till in Production Garden, the cows are contentedly grazing out in the 4th field, the sheep are in the crescent, and we feel hopeful.  Resilient.  Strong and ready for the season ahead of us.  Welcome spring, as always, it’s so good to see you.  To hear the dawn chorus of birds singing your praises, to smell the smells of a world awakening after such an epic winter and feel the rush of spring energy.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but where i am!

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