Upcoming Workshops on Linnaea Farm

The Nourished Farmer with Kirsten Vidulich-beyond preserving to the introduction of tried and true techniques for gleaning the most nourishment and nutrition from your harvest and animal systems.  Including:  simple ferments, milk products, the raw egg, lardcore and bone broths

Wednesday, May 21st 1-4


Herbal Wisdom with Tamara McPhail-common weeds grow along our paths ways, in our garden beds and up through the cracks in the sidewalk.  Get to know these amazing healers and learn basic salve, tincture, decoctions and other techniques for preserving herbs and using them in your daily lives.

Wednesday, May 21st 9-12



Linnaea Farm Livestock Systems

Ever see the cows roaming in the fields and want to learn more?  Interested in raising pigs, sheep or meat birds? Come spend the day with Tamara and Liz as we walk through Linnaea Farm and show how the livestock systems work!  We’ll spend the morning getting to know the animals and the afternoon doing some hands on work with the livestock!

Bring a lunch

Monday, May 19th 9-4

Full day:  $50


Call (250) 935-6747


Pre-registration and payment is required



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