​My Favorite Pickle
​with Jodi Peters

Welcome to the wondrous world of fermentation with Jodi Peters, fermentation addict! Leading with our noses, this workshop will ensure that you learn how to make delicious and nutritious fermented vegetables. You will create and taste two different tried and true recipes, dilly cauliflower/carrot pickle and basic sauerkraut.  Each participant will take home their own small batches. Jodi will go over the basic utensils required, as well as show off some of the more specialized fermentation tools she’s acquired over the years. She will cover the common (and uncommon) errors that may arise, and give participants a science-based, historically informed overview of the fermentation process. As a bonus, we’ll make a batch of water kefir (and taste some special brews), and the first 5 participants can take home water kefir grains as well. Fermentation is a practice, and the best way to learn it is to watch and do.

​S​aturday, September 29th

​11am - 3pm

​Linnaea Farm Education Center

Natural Cheesemaking with David A​sher

From culture propagation, to rennet coagulation and on to affiance, this five-day-class is an in-depth exploration of the many possibilities of cheese.  Students should expect to gain a full understanding of how all of the different styles of cheese are inter-related, and how to bring about the ecological conditions that develop the diverse flavours and forms of cheese.  The length of the class allows participants to see cheeses through their many stages of development, and witness the growth of the many ripening cultures that define them.

Cheese styles to be covered in class include:
Dairy ferments, like clabber, kefir, creme fraiche, cultured butter, yogurt.
Fresh cheeses such as Chèvre, fromage frais, Faisselle & Mozzarella
Soft aged cheeses including Camembert, washed rind cheese, blue cheeses, Crottin and Feta
Hard cheeses, like alpine cheese, Cheddar and Gouda.

*Books will be available for sale at the course

August 25th ~ August 29th, 2018             10am – 5:30pm