This course takes place on the gorgeous and wild Cortes Island, a jewel in the Coast Salish Sea.  Completing this immersive, hands-on course gives you a Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA) Certificate, and grounds participants in the principles and ethics of Permaculture design.  With a theme of creating resilient systems in the face of climate chaos, this course will cover:  water systems, food forest design, disaster preparedness, integrated livestock, urban and rural habitats, and so much more.  With field trips, guest instructors, multi-media lectures and actual design work ~ this is experiential learning at it’s best!

An integrated three-day course introducing participants to nutrient dense, plant-based foods and time honored herbal tonics and plant medicines. The participants will receive the instruction, tools and techniques to enhance their health and well being with the benefit of a new and informed relationship to soil, plants and food. With lifelong experts leading you through the foundational approaches to rethinking our relationship to food and encouraging a deeper understanding of a holistic approach to health. We will empower students with simple, useful and beneficial approaches to a plant based diet, tonics for every day health and a comprehensive “Farm-acy” of plant based remedies.