2017 CSA

2017 CSA


You’re not just a consumer when you join a CSA, you become a shareholder! You purchase a share of the season’s harvest in advance and give financial support by taking the risk of the season’s outcome with the farmer and insuring a stable income for the farm. The farm in return promises to provide the shareholder with a bag of produce weekly, full of seasonal abundance for the duration of a harvest season. In a good year the bags will overflow with lavishness and in lean times or when things go bad you are insuring that your local farmer keeps on growing food and builds resilience to changing climate patterns and grows more skilled as a producer. A CSA farm can offer high quality produce at competitive prices by eliminating the need for distributors, wholesalers and retailers and delivering the food directly. Know your farmer know your food!  Prices are listed below.  Paypal adds 2.5% per transaction, or you can pay by cash, e-transfer (please use a password that we’ll be able to understand!) or cheque without any added fees.

LARGE SHARE:  $570.00 for 20 weeks ($28.50/ week) or 4 monthly payments @$147.50 includes admin fee .
MEDIUM SHARE:  $510.00 for 20 weeks ($25.50/week) or 4 monthly payments @ $132.50 includes admin fee.
 SMALL SHARE:  $450 for 20 weeks ($22.50/week) or 4 monthly payments @ $117.50 includes admin fee .

If you would like to pay by installments please go to CSA monthly payment page.

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