nutrient dense, plant-based foods and time honored herbal tonics and plant medicines

​July 13th ~ July 15th, 2018

An integrated three-day course introducing participants to nutrient dense, plant-based foods and time honored herbal tonics and plant medicines. The participants will receive the instruction, tools and techniques to enhance their health and well being with the benefit of a new and informed relationship to soil, plants and food.

With lifelong experts leading you through the foundational approaches to rethinking our relationship to food and encouraging a deeper understanding of a holistic approach to health. We will empower students with simple, useful and beneficial approaches to a plant based diet, tonics for every day health and a comprehensive “Farm-acy” of plant based remedies.

Covering topics such as:

  • Tonics ~ Food as Medicine
  • Garden Walk ~ The Essentials of Healthy Soil
  • Enzymes and Health
  • Healthy Mocktails ~ fermented and lively drinks to upstage the alcoholic options
  • The Fermented Road ~ Introduction to basic lacto-fermentation skills, techniques and tools for optimal health
  • Cooking Session ~ Explore All The Flavours- From Bitters to Sweetness
  • Delicious Self-Care ~ Simple skin beautifiers and detoxifiers, from the pantry and garden
  • The “Farm-acy” ~ Simple Herbal Remedies and Plant-Aid-Kit
  • Cooking Session ~ Activated, enhanced and Nutrient Dense Foods and Snacks

Be nourished by our  farm cook, breathe deep  fresh farm air, come away full of new ideas and skills!

​Stay ​on the farm

​Our spacious farmhouse is perched on the edge of Gunflint Lake and surrounded by the pristine wilderness of Cortes Island. The 8-bedroom house, was once residence to the farmers who ran Lakeview Dairy – the last raw milk dairy in BC and has been home to Garden students who lived on the farm and learned from the resident farmers. The Farm House offers private rooms with shared amenities, a well-equipped kitchen to prepare your meals and a library full of books on organic agriculture.