Permaculture Design Course

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September 24th~ October 8th 2016

Linnaea Farm

Cortes Island, BC


With Seminars taught by Rick Valley, Jodi Peters and Brent Howieson

Immerse yourself in Permaculture at Linnaea Farm, where the first Permaculture Design course in Canada was held, and where Permaculture design techniques have been applied for over thirty years. Linnaea Farm is nestled beside Gunflint Lake on the gorgeous and wild Cortes Island. Experience the edge where human design meets the wilderness, and perhaps you will even catch a glimpse our resident wolves, bald eagles, beavers, deer, orca and humpback whales. Participants will receive a Permaculture Design certificate, and take away a thorough and practical understanding of permaculture design principles and applications. Methods of instruction will include hands-on projects, multi-media, lecture, individual and group work, and field trips. Special topics will include alternative construction, eco-forestry, integrated animal systems, and more. Don’t miss this life changing opportunity to learn skills that will empower you to care for the earth, find economically viable and ethical lifestyle choices, and get to know first-hand the matchless powers of nature to design sustainable systems.

Participants completing this course will receive an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate. This design course follows the 72 hour PDC course curriculum as first set out by Bill Mollison, as well as additional modules, updates and additions unique to our bio-region and site. The course content  includes, but is not limited to:

-Permaculture principles, philosophy and ethics

-Ecological design and traditional ecological knowledge

-Observation as a foundational skill/tool for learning about landscapes and other projects

-Water systems for catchment, conservation, and energy

-Food production in a wide variety of circumstances

-Perennial food and fibre crops, agroforestry, food forests and ethnobotany

-Climatic factors in design, and navigating a changing climate

-Soil assessment, revitalization and long term fertility management

-Animal systems for urban and rural landscapes, domestic to wild, and multi-species systems

-Alternative building strategies, natural building materials

-Appropriate technology and renewable energy

-Design methods:  collaborative, working with clients, and in other cultures

-Land trusts, consensus based communities, collaborative human systems, defacto communities, co-housing and other social structures

What to expect:

We believe in the power of hands-on learning. There are no bad questions and everyone has contributions. We deliver excellent and thorough information that empowers learners to apply aspects of permaculture to their own lives and to create powerful designs for their unique situations.

A typical day will run from 8:30 – 4:30 with 1 1/2 hour break for lunch.  There will also be some evening gatherings.

Each day will involve a variety of learning environments. These include:

– Outdoor, guided explorations of permaculture in practice

-Teaching to a variety of learning styles

– Actual design experience with real sites and clients on Cortes Island

– Creation of new, original permaculture designs, with support and guidance through the designing process

– Multi-media Instructor presentations on permaculture principles and topics

– Unstructured time for 1 on 1 discussions with instructors and other participants

– Field trips to unique sites on Cortes Island to see more permaculture in action, and to observe pristine natural eco-systems.

$1400 includes meals ~ accommodation extra

*Scholarships available if enrollment allows. Please contact us.


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