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My Favorite Pickle ~ A Fermentation Workshop with Jodi Peters – July 2, 2017

Welcome to the wondrous world of fermentation with Jodi Peters, fermentation addict! Leading with our noses, this workshop will ensure that you learn how to make delicious and nutritious fermented vegetables. You will create and taste two different tried and true recipes, a dilly cauliflower/carrot pickle and basic sauerkraut (with some fun optional additions!). Each participant will take home their own small batches. Jodi will go over the basic utensils required, as well as show off some of the more specialized fermentation tools she’s acquired over the years. She will cover the common (and uncommon) errors that may arise, and give participants a science-based, historically informed overview of the fermentation process. As a bonus, we’ll make a batch of water kefir (and taste some special brews), and the first 5 participants can take home water kefir grains as well. Fermentation is a practice, and the best way to learn it is to watch and do.

Linnaea Farm Education Centre, July 2nd , 11am – 2:30pm


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Natural Cheesemaking Class with David Asher August 23rd ~ 27th

5-day Natural Cheesemaking Class
with David Asher
author of The Art of Natural Cheesemaking

From culture propagation, to rennet coagulation and on to affiance, this five-day-class is an in-depth exploration of the many possibilities of cheese.  Students should expect to gain a full understanding of how all of the different styles of cheese are inter-related, and how to bring about the ecological conditions that develop the diverse flavours and forms of cheese.  The length of the class allows participants to see cheeses through their many stages of development, and witness the growth of the many ripening cultures that define them.

Cheese styles to be covered in class include:
Dairy ferments, like clabber, kefir, creme fraiche, cultured butter, yogurt.
Fresh cheeses such as Chèvre, fromage frais, Faisselle & Mozzarella
Soft aged cheeses including Camembert, washed rind cheese, blue cheeses, Crottin and Feta
Hard cheeses, like alpine cheese, Cheddar and Gouda.

David Asher is an organic farmer, farmstead cheese maker and cheese educator based on the gulf islands of British Columbia, Canada. A guerrilla cheesemaker, David does not make cheese according to standard industrial philosophies – he explores traditionally cultured and more organic methods of cheesemaking.

David offers cheese outreach to communities near and far with the Black Sheep School of Cheesemaking.  Through workshops in partnership with food-sovereignty-minded organizations, he shares his distinct cheesemaking style.  His workshops teach a cheesemaking method that is natural, DIY, and well suited to the home kitchen or artisanal production. He is the author of The Art of Natural Cheesemaking.

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Organic Market Garden Courses 2017




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It was such a successful program last year, that we are offering 2 courses this year!  Come on down to the farm and join Market Gardener, Adam Schick for a week long intensive into what it takes to become a producer.  Adam has been a successful market gardener for the past 17 years on Linnaea Farm! Check out his teaching style!

 The world is starved for people able to enrich the planet while improving soil and human ecology.You’ve dreamed of making a right livelihood growing food and raising livestock but are unsure of how to take the next step.

This summer at LINNAEA FARM we offer you 2 – weeklong programs to inoculate you with ideas and techniques to get your garden growing!

Free yourself from looming food cost increases and shortages by producing your own food. Go home knowing how to create your own market garden with delicious vegetables and fruits, while shifting away from dependence on imported food. Contribute toward sustainable food production. This hands on week long course at beautiful Linnaea Farm inoculates you with ideas and techniques to get your garden growing!

TOPICS COVERED: Sense of Place, phenology, planning & marketing, seed sowing and saving, record keeping, animal husbandry, compost & making the most of soil, pests & weeds, practical permaculture and year round cropping.

The days will be filled with lectures and hands-on training in the field to reinforce and give context to the lessons.

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You will learn the basic techniques of green woodwork –
cleaving the green wood and shaping it with a draw-knife on a shave-horse
to make three stool legs, you will cut and prepare a solid wood seat, drill the mortices and assemble your stool.

Tuesday, September 23rd
Thursday, September 25th
Tuesday, September 30th
Thursday, October 2nd

3pm – 5pm

Linnaea Farm Education Center

Ages 12+

All materials included ~ Limited space

$100 per person. Pre-Payment required to hold space

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Call (250) 935-6747
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Botanizing with Liz Richardson

Easter Bluff Trailhead

Sunday May 25 10:00-12:00

The Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping project (D.I.E.M.) is delighted to announce that Liz Richardson, of the Linnaea Farm , will be leading a plant identification workshop this Sunday, May 25 at Easter Bluff on Cortes Island; 1000 – 1200. We’re meeting at the trailhead to Easter Bluff.

The D.I.E.M. project is inviting Islanders to assist us in collecting field observations to begin collation of an inventory of species and ecological communities at risk in the Discovery Islands. In order to do that we are going to help you along with your plant identification, which can be tricky at the best of times! Liz is one of our best Island resources in the realm of vascular plants… so don’t miss this opportunity!
Questions… call Sabina 6467.
Check us out at

Upcoming Workshops on Linnaea Farm

The Nourished Farmer with Kirsten Vidulich-beyond preserving to the introduction of tried and true techniques for gleaning the most nourishment and nutrition from your harvest and animal systems.  Including:  simple ferments, milk products, the raw egg, lardcore and bone broths

Wednesday, May 21st 1-4


Herbal Wisdom with Tamara McPhail-common weeds grow along our paths ways, in our garden beds and up through the cracks in the sidewalk.  Get to know these amazing healers and learn basic salve, tincture, decoctions and other techniques for preserving herbs and using them in your daily lives.

Wednesday, May 21st 9-12



Linnaea Farm Livestock Systems

Ever see the cows roaming in the fields and want to learn more?  Interested in raising pigs, sheep or meat birds? Come spend the day with Tamara and Liz as we walk through Linnaea Farm and show how the livestock systems work!  We’ll spend the morning getting to know the animals and the afternoon doing some hands on work with the livestock!

Bring a lunch

Monday, May 19th 9-4

Full day:  $50


Call (250) 935-6747

Pre-registration and payment is required