At the end of the Season

Here’s where you count your beans, you made it.  We kept saying the finish line is in view, well here we are.  Hays all in the barn, garden is put to bed, seeds are drying, days are getting shorter, nights are longer….

You begin things at the start of the season with youthful exuberance, almost forgetting what it takes to get you here.  The finish line.  Whew.  Linnaea Farm was a flurry of excitement this year.  We fed 30 families, for 20 weeks with our CSA program, we hosted The Power of Hope,  The Gulf Island Center of Ecological Learning (GICEL), University of Vicoria’s Permaculture students, David Asher from Black sheep Cheese School, and Michelle’s Yoga from Vicoria.

Adam Schick lead an inspiration Organic Market Workshop (we will be offering 2 courses in 2017!), as well as Rick Valley, Brent Howieson and Jodi Peters offered a Permaculture Design Course.

Our herd of cows grew to 10, and rotationally grazed across 30 acres of pasture, and we pulled 900 bales of hay off our 3rd field (yep, that’s a record).  300 Cornish Giant chickens were raised and processed on the farm and were pastured out in the 2nd field.

Brent’s front stand starts keep Cortesians well stocked in plants for their gardens, and our fruit collective provided pounds of plums and apples for the every hungry locals!

Our mycelial beds grew and spread Garden Giant spawn all around the farm as well as keeping nutrients out of Gunflint Lake.

We hosted our annual Harvest Festival, feeding over 100 locals and keeping folks occupied with games and music for one beautiful afternoon in September!


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